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About the Author

Kukuwa Abba is a Health and Social Development professional with over three decades of varied experience. She has worked in the UK’s National Health Service (NHS) as a Health Educator and Public Health Specialist with portfolios in Community Health Development, Public Health Policy and in Health Impact Assessment(HIA).

Kukuwa’s groundbreaking HIA of Procurement Processes for Public Sports Facilities in a London Borough is published on the WHO’s HIA website. As a Public Health Specialist, Kukuwa was responsible for undertaking the first Health Equity Audit of Specialist Cardiac Services in a large Central London Health Trust.

Kukuwa has also worked as a free-lance Consultant on a number of national and international projects ranging from A Women’s Political Development Programme to Specialist Drug Services for young addicts from ethnic minority communities for a national charity. She continues to work as a freelance Health, Culture and Development Consultant, in Jamaica, the UK and Africa.

Kukuwa spent many years as a Journalist and Cultural Entrepreneur, working for a variety of media, including newspaper, magazine and radio. Kukuwa believes that culture is at the centre of all human endeavours and sees health in this same context.

“People conceive, perceive and practice health in the context of their cultural beliefs, practices and norms. Herbal healing is very much a part of this worldview. The role of herbs in human health reflects ancient concepts of health as having physical, emotional and spiritual dimensions. Whatever the cultural context, the goal of maintaining good health is common to all and all cultures are united in their appreciation of the role of various herbs in achieving this primary goal.”

Kukuwa Abba